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Baldha Apparel Limited.
Kaler Jatra Publication Limited.
Andra (NGO)
Tarar Porne Production House Limited.
Baldha Telecom Limited.
Baldah Agro Limited.
Saddha Fashion Limited.
Baldha Properties Limited.
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is an Italian Word; it means The Best and the self confident. In the memory of The Baldha Garden which is located in the old part of city of Dhaka, Bangladesh (1909); the Company started its Journey in January 1st 2010. Empowering the strategy followed by integrity and efficiency the company has been growing very successful businesses in sectors ranging from garments to agriculture, Telecom, NGO, media, publication and Properties. Each successive venture demonstrates our devotion to pick the right market and the right opportunity. Our companies are part of a family rather than a hierarchy. We want to make our dream into solution which is the growth and development of businesses for mankind.