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Baldha Apparel Limited.
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Andra (NGO)
Tarar Porne Production House Limited.
Baldha Telecom Limited.
Baldah Agro Limited.
Saddha Fashion Limited.
Baldha Properties Limited.
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  ANDRA (Association for Nutritional Development Rural Advancement and Awareness) Supporting
United Nations Global Compact

What are the objectives of the Project
We want to achieve the sustainable improvement and awareness in the nutritional status of the population, particularly for the poor and disabled people. We also generate awareness programs to reduce anti corruption and work as human rights activists for the proper labor environment and other humanitarian issues.

What are the major activities of the proposed project?
We produce documentaries to build awareness.
We arrange seminars, press conferences to create buzz in the media.
We establish resource centers in the locality /community level and build capacity involving the community.
We use Educational approach to teach the community to generate health and other human rights related awareness.
We create jobs for the disabled people engaging them in the fashion industry.

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