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Baldha Apparel is a marketer, manufacturer, and distributor of high quality branded knit, woven and sweater apparel. Company specializes in selling a variety of wear tops and bottoms, for the ever-changing apparel market.

Baldha Apparel mission is to become a recognized manufacturer, importer and distributor of high quality apparel and textile products to the USA Canada and Europe at the lowest possible price and with delivery times superior to any in the industry. It is equally committed to always exceeding the customer expectations and shareholder value.

1.3 Keys to Success Keys to success for Baldha Apparel are :
Product quality.
Customer Service.
Access to manufacture and distribution channels.
Controlling fixed and variable costs during first two years.
On time delivery.

Business Developments
Baldah Apparel. Is engaged in the business of the production and Import of high quality, specialized textiles, primarily knit, woven and sweater items for custom orders, these materials include 100% cotton, Lycra, Denim, Jeans and Piqué fabrics. Production is done in Bangladesh because of low costs that allow the Company higher margins of profit, due to the relatively low costs of the material and labor, compared to U.S. sources

Baldah Apparel imports and distributes apparel to the promotional products market, whole sale, Distribution to largest retails stores including Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart in the United States. Company Import the goods, advertise though internet, website, and trade shows, catalogs and sales rep though out the United States.

For all correspondence ceo@baldha.com