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Baldha Apparel Limited.
Kaler Jatra Publication Limited.
Andra (NGO)
Tarar Porne Production House Limited.
Baldha Telecom Limited.
Baldah Agro Limited.
Saddha Fashion Limited.
Baldha Properties Limited.
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Farah M Saddha an Author, Business entrepreneur and Humanist is a Bangladeshi American. She has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University and M.B.A from University of Dallas. After working for Nokia Inc, Dallas TX as a systems Engineer for two years she came to Bangladesh and established her global business venture, Baldha Group, a group of companies associated with garments, agriculture, telecom, real estate, media and journalism and a nonprofit organization ANDRA (Association for nutritional development and rural advancement) supporting United Nations Global compact. Her first book, Princess of the Tide, was published in United States in 2006 and second book ‘The Global Rose ‘about world peace was published in 2014. Her passion is to learn Spanish, Chinese, Hawaiian language including Hula and Arabic Dance. Her mantra is: ‘The most valued possession is humanity and I want to serve the world being the friend, mother and sister to them.’