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Kaler Jatra strives to be an author friendly publisher, treating its authors as full partners in the highly competitive  publishing business.Kaler jatra means the journey of time and we preserve this time with the touch of our knowledge. We do multifaceted jobs like editing, consulting, designing, producing ,distributing ,promoting and marketing. It is the publication which is aimed to bring change in the literature world. Our recently published books princess of the tide, Kaler Jatra magazine and The Global rose. We also own, publish and print an online newspaper www.thekalerjatra.com.

‘My prayer to the nations of the world ; let us stand together as brothers and sisters under one sky , with one heart, one body ,one body and create one world of love ,peace , divinity and equality’ .
The Global Rose by Farah M Saddha.

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Princess of the Tide Author Farah M Saddha
You will find my lonely soul
In the fragrance of the forever flower
In the songs of the native birds
In the breaking waves of the blue ocean
In the noise of a sweet heart's anklets
Do not be afraid of the death
True Love is stronger than shadow of the death.