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Tarar porne means the house of stars which is an attribute to our CEO’S grandparent house ‘Tarar Porne’ located in Borisal, Bangladesh.

Tarar Porne Production House is a full-service Documentary, film, video and multimedia company; managing the production process from script to screen.

As a reliable resource for everything from crews to location scouting, grip and electric packages to high def and standard def post production and duplication, we offer solutions and resources to assist in your project be it film or TV.

As the company bears a solid grasp on a highly targeted vertical market, advertising sales has become an important part of the company's business. The Tarar Porne brand is heavily based on the content that it procures. The staff of the company is constantly seeking cutting-edge films, ads and documentaries that the audience would enjoy.

We believe truth is beauty and beauty is truth, Creativity comes from truth and beauty, it brings divine blessings .Along with this blessing we want to expand our horizon towards the eternity …forever and ever.

For all correspondence pls contact ceo@baldha.com.
Millions of colors.
Millions of stars.
Dancing is like a  poem.